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Talk Type

Create essays, presentations, coursework, tests and much more by voice with the all-new TalkType Dictation Education Edition. Next-generation natural language… Read More Talk Type


Telephone Number: 07359323336

Organise, optimise and overcome with Booost, a brand new Android, iOS and web app that is much more than just… Read More Booost

Nuance – Dragon

Telephone Number: 02030274217

Dragon help students who struggle with writing, by letting them express themselves simply by talking. Typing and spelling concerns no… Read More Nuance – Dragon

Habitat Learn

Telephone Number: 01483473810

Habitat Learn is the new name for Note Taking Express as from 1st January 2022. The new company incorporates NTEhub… Read More Habitat Learn

Scanning Pens

Telephone Number: 02079764912

Scanning Pens Ltd is the world’s leading supplier of pen scanners. As a leading Assistive Technology supplier for over 15… Read More Scanning Pens

iView Learning

Telephone Number: 01432271233

Come and visit with us to learn all about all things, iView Learning, iView Health & iView WellBeing. As one… Read More iView Learning


Telephone Number: 01772977888

Email: [email protected] Telephone number: 02894428105 We’re helping higher education students across the UK who struggle with a range of literacy… Read More texthelp

Dolphin Computer Access

Telephone Number: 01905754577

Dolphin Computer Access develops assistive technology for people who are blind, partially sighted or have a neurodiverse condition such as… Read More Dolphin Computer Access